Five Elements you need to create a Japanese Backyard Landscape

by J. Phillips

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Japanese backyard landscapes seem so difficult to create but the truth is they really aren't. You would be surprised to discover that you might have the things you need to create an amazing and positive Japanese backyard landscape.

The first element would be some kind of water in your Japanese backyard. You can either go with a nice fountain or you can dig a pond, having both is a better option however. Having both would mean you would have still water as well as running water. The sound of a fountain is very relaxing. Of course you want your Japanese backyard to relax yourself and all those around you.

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Japanese Backyard Design Ideas

If you decide to go with a pond you will of course need to place some fish inside the pond. Koi fish are very expensive however you can go to pet fish store and ask what other kind of fish can live inside a pond. Many different animals live in ponds as well. The people at the pet store will be able to also help you with picking the number of fish that can fit inside your pond. Koi fish can grow to be very big so knowing the size of your pond is very important. Be sure to also tell the pet store where the pond is located and what is the weather like in that area of your backyard.

Stones and pebbles are also something that your Japanese backyard landscape will need. You can buy river stones are any gardening store or you can buy them online. Stepping stones are great to line a pathway to your pond or even to your fountain. You can also place the stones inside a glass bowl to hold candles for night time fun in your backyard.

With a Japanese backyard landscape you will need a table that is low to the ground and you can use pillows to sit on. If you don't think sitting low to the ground is something you'd like to do, then you should try going to a Japanese furniture store and ask the people there for some ideas for seating. The owner will be able to recommend something for you that will be outdoor proof as well as something that you can sit on that will match your landscape already. Be sure to also bring pictures of your ideas and the goals you have for your Japanese backyard. You might also want to know the measurements of the seating area.

Bamboo is a must for a Japanese backyard landscape. You can buy bamboo that is real or fake. If you want to reduce upkeep then fake bamboo maybe perfect for you depending on where you will be placing it. You can also add the element of bamboo to your landscape with accessories such as rugs and place mats. You might even discover some furniture made from bamboo. These five elements for creating a Japanese backyard landscape are standard. You can find much more information at a local Japanese furniture store. The owner at the store will be able to give you the advice you are looking for and help you find all the things you need to create a lovely and relaxing backyard. Once your Japanese backyard is just the way you want you will be able to enjoy all of it's relaxing and unique qualities.

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