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Hot Tub Information

Hot Tub/Spa Costs
Swim Spa Information
Inground vs. Aboveground Hot Tubs
Planning Your Hot Tub: Location
Free Swim Spa Information DVD/Video
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Backyard Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Fences
What Happened to My Chlorine?
Energy Saving Swimming Pool & Spa Tips
Swimming Pool Maintenance Meets Technology
...More Swimming Pool Articles

Backyard Water Garden Info

How Much Does a Water Garden Cost?
Pond Lighting Information
Types of Water Features
Successful Lighting in Your Water Garden
How To Build A Waterfall
Backyard Bird House
...More Water Garden Articles

Landscaping & Gardening Information

Choosing Poolside Plants
What to Know When Purchasing Plants
Landscaping Can Increase Home Value
Installing Outdoor Speakers
How to Add a Stepping Stone Path
10 Tips for Working With a Contractor
Backyard Fence Privacy Fencing
Backyard Benches Ideas
Japanese Backyard Ideas
Backyard Gazebo Ideas
...More Landscaping & Gardening Articles

Deck & Woodworking Information

Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home
Choosing Wood for Your Deck
Deck Lighting
Wood Buying Tips: Don't Get Ripped off
All Decked Out: 5 Tips for Designing Your Deck
...More Deck & Woodworking Articles

Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplace Information

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen Placement
Chimineas vs. Build Your Own Outdoor Fireplace
More Outdoor Kitchen/Fireplaces Articles...

Backyard Related Book Reviews

All About Building Waterfalls, Pools, and Streams
Pools & Spas
Waterfalls and Fountains
Decks 1-2-3
Design Ideas for Decks
Outdoor Woodwork
Garden Surfaces
The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual
Building Barbecues & Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Stonework ..
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